Critic warns her actions ‘part of a toxic atmosphere’ created by Democrats

WND StaffBy WND Staff
Published November 24, 2020 at 8:42pmShare on FacebookTweetShareEmailPrint

The Michigan attorney general on Monday warned people alleging vote fraud that false claims are subject to criminal prosecution.

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And that, according to constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, is “akin to the state health director encouraging everyone to come in for a check up but warning that some will be subject to euthanasia.”

“The invitation is lost in the lingering threat,” wrote Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University.Top ArticlesJudge blocks certification ofPennsylvania voteREAD MOREBusiness owner tears up $15,000 COVID fine on live TVTRENDING: Judge agrees to hear evidence of vote fraud in Nevada

The Hill reported Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel waws responding on Twitter to former state Republican state Sen. Patrick Colbeck discussing allegations of vote fraud during a Michigan Board of State Canvassers meeting that ended with the state’s election results being certified.

Colbeck was asked at the meeting whether he had brought his allegations to the state attorney general.

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The report said Nessel claimed Colbeck has never made a complaint of election fraud to her office.

Nessel tweeted, “Colbeck’s assertions aside, intentionally making a false claim of criminal activity to law enforcement is itself a crime.”

Turley noted Nessel has been threatening people who post videos on alleged vote fraud.

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